Saturday 30 March 2013

Build 79

  1. Added 'Update Delay' column to DQ Report events table.
  2. Added Entity Group filter to Dashboard.
  3. Fixed Read-only access issues.
  4. Fixed issue with Customer Status update.
  5. CSS & UI re-design.
  6. Added background check for closing work orders.
  7. Added 'Created By' and 'Created On' fields to Custom/Advanced reports.
  8. Query Parametrization.
  9. Fixed duplicate report issue on non-UTC servers.
  10. Container Type field added to New Work Order page.
  11. Renamed Custom/Advanced report files to be unique.
  12. Added Earliest/Latest event to 'By Shipment' Custom/Advanced reports.
  13. Added 'Remarks Only' option to Custom/Advanced reports.
  14. Added Days/Hours KPI option to Custom/Advanced Reports.
  15. added for IE 7,8 CSS support.