Monday 26 July 2021

Build 282

  • Description added on Event/Data
  • Subtype added for Invoice Forms
  • Header field "Container Type" renamed to "Load Type"
  • Added filter for Events/Data on the Details page
  • Auto-refresh control changed to a button
  • Document Count option added when sending Documents by Event/Data action
  • Query Parameters to allow empty/Null values
  • Dynamic pages can be linked to user roles 
  • Cancellation reason required for canceling work order
  • @UserID parameter added to Query Report for manual generation
  • RAG Numbers added for Dashboards
  • Customer Portal redesigned with Bootstrap 5 and Master Page

Tuesday 13 July 2021

Build 281

  • Added option to update Container Type for multiple containers via Shipment page.
  • All workflows with multi-company finance capability
  • Depot List & Query Report filters retained
  • Invoice Unit and Subtotal settings added to Company and Invoice
  • Account Category selection added when adding accounts in workflow
  • Entity edit page converted to full page view

Saturday 3 July 2021

Build 280

  • Re-design of the main menu
  • Entity edit changed to full screen
  • Offices renamed to Companies
  • Entity approval system implemented
  • Added Margin settings for forms
  • Added default pages for users
  • Added Audit Log on B/L level as well as export function
  • Address field added to Depots

Change Log Restarted

 After internal re-consideration, it has been decided to re-start the TrakIT Change Log.