Thursday 20 March 2014

Build 97

  1. POP3 class optimization.
  2. Fixed issue in User Log.
  3. Added 'Email' field in Request Access form.
  4. Added 'Comments' module in work order.
  5. Fixed issues in Advanced Reports.
  6. Fixed PDF issues on new server.
  7. Fixed event update by B/L issue.

Friday 7 March 2014

Build 96

  1. Added Event/Data update by B/L.
  2. Added option to export Corridor definitions.
  3. Fixed User Management export.
  4. Added MS-Excel export in Admin page.
  5. Trucated Admin page export to 500 rows.
  6. Added Free Days, Actual Days & Demurrage fields to Custom and Advanced reports.
  7. Added "Event Completed Count" field option in Custom/Advanced Reports by B/L.
  8. Added Entity ID column to the Entity Management page.