Monday 6 December 2021

Build 294

  • Invoice and Bills added to Global Search
  • Added custom word translation for invoices
  • Finance Master Approval Mode added
  • Bulk Creation page added
  • Added Work Order ID and Container Number to Accounts page
  • Setting for Bill Validation Tolerance added

Wednesday 17 November 2021

Build 293

  • Registration Number added to Entities
  • Invoice Exchange Rate date option added
  • Added option to mark Invoice as paid
  • Upgraded to VS2022

Monday 1 November 2021

Build 292

  • Exchange Rates changed to daily rates
  • Option to back-date invoice before pro-forma/approval
  • Update Base currency amounts on change of exchange rate of Invoice or Bill
  • Validations/Actions added on Work Order Service/Workflow Change
  • Derived Exchange rate displayed on Invoices, Credit Notes and Bills
  • Added Entity Data filter on Entities page
  • Added dangerous SQL Injection checks on SQL fields

Thursday 21 October 2021

Build 291

  • Multi-language Translation Cache added
  • Invoice Account display option added
  • Added Invoice Preview function
  • Add option to modify Bill Number, Date and Due Date
  • Exchange Rate modification by SysAdmins
  • Added Shipment ID to Global Search
  • Dossier number FTP Import for Velogic

Monday 11 October 2021

Build 290

  • Finance Actions added to Validation/Actions
  • Taxes enabled in Finance Estimates
  • Actuals linked to Estimates
  • Added Local Name to Account Masters
  • Added Services to Allowed Accounts in Workflow Definition
  • Remarks added to Invoice
  • Exchange Rate added to Invoice & Bills
  • Detailed Change Log for object updates

Wednesday 29 September 2021

Build 289

  • Added Customer filter in Event Calendar
  • Added Tax Amount in Bills
  • Popup pages WO, Finance, Invoice, Bill made responsive
  • Show full list of services when creating WO or changing services
  • Invoice Back-dating Implemented
  • Account Export function on Shipment Finance page
  • Asset Detail Work Order Tab Export option added

Thursday 23 September 2021

Build 288

  • Added permission to change Credit Days for invoice
  • Negative Revenue validation added
  • Proforma/Final setting added for Invoice Templates
  • Invoice Reversal Implemented
  • Added option to reject Job Closing request
  • Added Subject/Message when emailing form
  • Fixed sorting issue on Invoices page
  • Added account filter on Shipment Finance page
  • Added Quick Edit function for Accounts
  • Added "Allow Negative Revenue" setting for Companies

Sunday 12 September 2021

Build 287

  • KPIs linked to services
  • Selection of accounts when adding to Bill
  • Added Table view for Finance Masters
  • Selection of WO when adding accounts "For WO"

Saturday 4 September 2021

Build 286

  • Allow Entity Data for multiple entity types
  • Modify Country Taxes
  • My Reports page changed to include all reports where user is recipient
  • Comments added for Finance Action
  • Taxes added for Allowed Accounts in Workflow
  • Deletion checkboxes added for Actuals
  • Services tab added on Workflow Definition
  • Partial Revenue Recognition date removed
  • Revenue Recognition Date made editable
  • Finance Notifications enabled under Company setting

Friday 27 August 2021

Build 285

  • Action retry possible for Event/Data actions
  • Country Taxes to include Finance Code
  • Default Account Taxes based on Country Taxes
  • Add Taxes only as per Country Tax Rates

Thursday 19 August 2021

Build 284

  • Maximum Exchange Rate Age property added for Companies
  • Exchange Rates Excel Import added
  • Full Deletion of Shipment added
  • WO Documents split between WO and B/L
  • Validation functions added for Shipment Finance Actions
  • Advanced Reports & Query Reports added for external users 
  • 24-Month Trend graph added on Customer home page 
  • Nested Work Order table within Shipments table on Customer Shipments page
  • SysAdmins can now clear Invoice/Bill sync errors

Saturday 7 August 2021

Build 283

  • Data Fields can be made "required" to close WO
  • Date/Time picker Updated with Quick-Select options
  • Comments added to Shipment Finance Page
  • WO Documents linked to Document Checklist
  • Search Name/Code added to Admin menu
  • Document Request Functionality added
  • Get Exchange Rate functionality added on non-base currency

Monday 26 July 2021

Build 282

  • Description added on Event/Data
  • Subtype added for Invoice Forms
  • Header field "Container Type" renamed to "Load Type"
  • Added filter for Events/Data on the Details page
  • Auto-refresh control changed to a button
  • Document Count option added when sending Documents by Event/Data action
  • Query Parameters to allow empty/Null values
  • Dynamic pages can be linked to user roles 
  • Cancellation reason required for canceling work order
  • @UserID parameter added to Query Report for manual generation
  • RAG Numbers added for Dashboards
  • Customer Portal redesigned with Bootstrap 5 and Master Page

Tuesday 13 July 2021

Build 281

  • Added option to update Container Type for multiple containers via Shipment page.
  • All workflows with multi-company finance capability
  • Depot List & Query Report filters retained
  • Invoice Unit and Subtotal settings added to Company and Invoice
  • Account Category selection added when adding accounts in workflow
  • Entity edit page converted to full page view

Saturday 3 July 2021

Build 280

  • Re-design of the main menu
  • Entity edit changed to full screen
  • Offices renamed to Companies
  • Entity approval system implemented
  • Added Margin settings for forms
  • Added default pages for users
  • Added Audit Log on B/L level as well as export function
  • Address field added to Depots

Change Log Restarted

 After internal re-consideration, it has been decided to re-start the TrakIT Change Log.