Sunday 29 April 2012

Build 45

  1. Added Origin Depot to Work Order.
  2. Added Contractual Customer to Work Order.
  3. KPIs - Apply to existing Work Orders & Force Delete added.
  4. KPIs - Added reverse calculation and current date in 'From event'
  5. Fixed Unicode issue in Forms.
  6. Increased Export page size.
  7. Fixed overflow error in Search function.
  8. Added Duplicate Work Order function.
  9. Force B/L as text in Excel export.
  10. Document Download added to Audit & Action Log.
  11. Fixed Form TextArea issue in Firefox.
  12. Added Average Days column User Engagement Report.
  13. Added grid sorting to reports.
  14. Added Transporter Code to Exports and Reports.

Sunday 22 April 2012

Build 44

  1. Added Pagehit/Loadtime statitics.
  2. Re-formatted KPI Alert Emails.
  3. Entity ID exposed as a read-only field.
  4. Fixed Issue in Custom/Advanced Reports.
  5. Added Access Level in Corridor Forms.
  6. Interactive Reports Released.
  7. Sent Mail page added.
  8. Bulk Update by Email - Permissions modified.
  9. Added Bond Agent & Clearing Agent updates to bulk updates.
  10. Fixed issue with PDF downloads.

Sunday 15 April 2012

Build 43

  1. Work Order Form PDF is attached to Work Order documents.
  2. Removed Page Size and Orientation from Form definition.
  3. Added Form History page for Admins.
  4. Fixed issue in forms.aspx page.
  5. Update of trigger event for form creation.
  6. Bulk Update permissions corrected.
  7. Change Corridor/Services permissions changed.
  8. Work Order deletion period increased to 96 hours after creation.
  9. Added <Void> field in Excel Export.
  10. End Event renamed to Required Event.

Tuesday 10 April 2012

Build 42

  1. MS Excel Export issue fixed.
  2. Removed 'Door Delivery', 'Shipper Owned' and 'Hazardous Cargo' checkboxes from New Work Order page.
  3. Changed number of containers in New Work Order page to 40.
  4. Fixed issue with popup windows.
  5. Fixed issue in temp file deletion.
  6. Added trigger event for form creation.
  7. Added User ID and Creation time to form PDF.
  8. Fixed issue in Custom Reports.
  9. Download Function added for PDF Forms.
  10. Added auto-incrementing reference number to PDF Forms.
  11. Work Order Header fields added to Operations Data filter.

Saturday 7 April 2012

Build 41

  1. MS Excel Export Added.
  2. Added Depot to Custom & Advanced Reports.
  3. Fixed issue in Work Order page.
  4. Changed to State Server Session mode.
  5. Fixed access rights issues.
  6. KPI Snooze changed to date.
  7. Added PDF Email functionality for Forms.
  8. Added PDF Generation of Work Order.
  9. Added Work Order 'CREATED' date in KPI calculation.