Saturday 25 May 2013

Build 83

  1. Added 'Corridors Accessible' field to User Details.
  2. 'Corridor Type' field added to Custom & Advanced Reports
  3. Fixed issue & optimized filters in Dashboard.
  4. Added 'Created On' filter to Advanced Reports.
  5. Fixed Corridor Form Trigger code issue.
  6. Fixed Default Data value issue.
  7. Fixed issue with Form Time Zone.
  8. Added Actuals/Estimates to Custom & Advanced Reports.
  9. Added custom message for Custom & Advanced Reports.
  10. Dropped Mobile device support.
  11. Dashboard graphs changed from Flash to JS.
  12. Dashboard KPI graphs include target line.
  13. Fixed issue with Custom Reports Fields.
  14. KPIs can have non-standard weekend days.
  15. Re-designed Ops Export page.

Sunday 12 May 2013

Build 82

  1. Deferred loading of Forms tab in Work Order page.
  2. Removed App Setting "Mandatory Event Sequence".
  3. Action Log Page Load entries made friendly.
  4. Added client-side basic validation to UI.
  5. Added decimal to Average Days column in User Engagement Report.
  6. Added Demurrage Email Notifications for users.
  7. WO Weight field is now non-mandatory.
  8. Added Default Zone to Corridor.
  9. Added Time Zone for Advanced Report Subscriptions.
  10. Added Event/Data options in Custom & Advanced Reports.
  11. Modified User account creation email.
  12. Geographic Location Assignment/Removal email.

Saturday 4 May 2013

Build 81

  1. Fixed issue in DQ Report drill-down.
  2. Work Order Data set to multi-line capability.
  3. Corridor Clone functionality removed.
  4. Method signatures for SQL Transactions changed.
  5. Added customizable filters for Dashboard.
  6. Added 'Responsible Country' field to Corridor.
  7. Added 'Responsible Country' filter to Operations & Dashboard.
  8. Added 'Responsible Country' field to Custom & Advanced Reports.
  9. Fixed Bulk Update issue with Excel Cell errors.
  10. Re-designed Corridor Header edit functionality.
  11. Ignore Event sequence setting in Corridor Definition.