Saturday 29 December 2012

Build 71

  1. Added Days/Hours option to KPI Dashboard charts.
  2. Fixed User Management lock/unlock issue.
  3. Added confirmation for lock/unlock.
  4. Fixed document upload issue.
  5. Added Status filter to Dashboard.
  6. Added Status filter to Interactive Reports > KPI Status Report.
  7. Added global email find/replace functionality.
  8. Fixed viewstate content wrapping in system log.
  9. Disable Vessel/Voyage on work order creation when data fields don't exist in corridor.
  10. Added option to display Work Order Data in Work Order Header.

Saturday 8 December 2012

Build 70

  1. Fixed issue in Template generation time.
  2. Add online help links to main pages.
  3. Added 'Responsible Person' field to Custom & Advanced Reports.
  4. Added 'Open KPIs' filter in KPI Filters on the Operations page.
  5. Added Custom date filter in Dashboard.
  6. Added Work Order ID in Document upload response email.