Thursday 27 December 2018

Build 223

  • Control visibility for work order header fields.

Saturday 22 December 2018

Build 222

  • Add/Update Asset on Mobile App
  • Shipment ID added as header field
  • Added Asset Owner as filter for Asset Management

Tuesday 11 December 2018

Build 221

  • Role management for external users.
  • Add Location on Asset Management where the asset has 'Has GPS' enabled
  • Negative flag for accounts under Finance Master
  • GPS vendor will be in Export and Import in Asset management

Wednesday 28 November 2018

Build 220

  • Measurement Time field added for Work Order measurements
  • GPS Vendor added to Assets table
  • Added Quick-Tip feature on User Details
  • Search Issue on Event/Data masters fixed
  • Aggregate functions on Advanced Report fields
  • Fixed Issue with Asset Import
  • Entity API Key Expiry implemented
  • Sort Priority on Advanced Report Event column fixed
  • Control visibility of Menu Items on global level

Friday 23 November 2018

Build 219

  • Under Event/Data Def page search option with SEQCODE.
  • Added API's for Add Asset and Update Asset Data.
  • Created Global Config setting for Depots.
  • Added show map functionality with latest Asset locations.

Sunday 11 November 2018

Build 218

  • Asset/User Location Map Optimization
  • GPS Provider integrations

Monday 5 November 2018

Build 217

  • Added Asset Management on Android Mobile App.
  • Added Event/Data Action page.
  • Added GPS Vendor page.
  • Allow users to add a new item by scanning QR code on Android Mobile App.
  • Friday 26 October 2018

    Build 216

    • Export option for Remarks on the Ops Page.
    • Search option for Remarks on Ops page.
    • Added Event/Data Action Log page.

    Monday 22 October 2018

    Build 215

    • Sequence Action notification for data field with data field as a trigger.
    • System Admins will be able to view all the users (locked/active) in WO Filter.
    • In case of any restrictions enabled on the workflow event and data field, it will not erase the value and display the error.
    • Added checkbox on Invoice header to control display of Rate and Quantity columns in Invoice page and Invoice PDF.

    Wednesday 10 October 2018

    Build 214

    • Added new "Location" datatype for data fields
    • Show User Roles for Event/Data.
    • Added 'Disable' check box for the Accounts under Finance Master.
    • 'Select all' check box to select/deselect all items in the Invoice and Bills page.
    • Added event time offset for the events to dis-allow back-dated events.
    • Admin can update user roles.

    Monday 24 September 2018

    Build 213

    • Implemented Event/Data Level Role Access
    • Added functionality for updating Event/Data Remarks via Bulk Update
    • Added email notification on posting WO Comment
    • Added Mobile API for Entity Management
    • Added KPI Details on Service Info page
    • Implemented customizable columns for Invoice
    • Fixed issue with Advanced Report duplication
    • Added 'Active' option for Account Masters
    • Added 'Without Rates' filter for Accounts page
    • Added option to Unvalidate Bills and Invoices (for Master Admins)
    • KPI calculation post WO Save move to background thread
    • Reverse Invoice issue fixed
    • Added option for disabling master accounts
    • Added Event/Data codes on WO page

    Saturday 22 September 2018

    Build 212

    • Auto-sequential increment option for T/D numbers
    • When creating new work orders, 'Form' entry is selected by default
    • Added 'Send App Notification' as an Action for Event / Data actions
    • Added WO Closed/Cancelled data field to all Reports
    • Added Next/Back buttons on new WO creation page
    • Enabled multi-threading on background scheduler

    Monday 17 September 2018

    Build 211

    • Implemented Reverse Invoice
    • Fixed issues with User Role Action
    • Fixed issues related with Computed fields
    • Fixed the issue with export button in Entity management
    • Fixed Service list on the Work Order page

    Friday 7 September 2018

    Build 210

    • Fixed issues with Query Report, related with time/day.
    • Fixed issues with Work order's Item Export.
    • Added Warehouse Masters - Area and Storage Location
    • Added Item Master table
    • Added SQL Columns for Ops page
    • Added Role Management page to Admin menu
    • Implemented new User Role Action for these pages:
      • Asset Management
      • User Management
      • Work Order
      • Bulk Updates

    Monday 3 September 2018

    Build 209

    • Fixed issues with Advanced Report event/data sorting.
    • Fixed issues related to mobile API
    • Fixed issue related to delay tracking export file.
    • Implemented new User Role Action for these pages:
      • Advanced Reports
      • Broadcast Messages
      • Country Holidays
      • Country Taxes
      • Currencies
      • Delay Tracking
      • Email Inbox
      • Entity Management 
      • Form History
      • Geography & Access
      • Home Page News
      • Home Page Document
      • Interactive Reports
      • Query Reports
      • Report Queue
      • Sent Email
      • SMS OutBox
      • Workflow Definition
      • Workflow Reports

    Saturday 25 August 2018

    Build 208

    • Update Event on Document Checklist completion
    • Fixed issue with Image upload on AWS
    • Fixed number formatting issue with Query Reports
    • Remove extra columns from User Management export
    • Added custom message for event/data actions which email PDF, HTML or Text
    • Sorting on Event/Data column in Advanced Report
    • Export Data from Work Order
    • Added Payment Reference column to Invoice > Payments tab

    Monday 20 August 2018

    Build 207

    • Added WO Creation API
    • Added Currency on Payments/Receipts
    • Data Access Layer separated
    • API for Entity creation
    • Obtain Depot Distance & Route from Google Maps API
    • Increased Weight Limit
    • Fixed issue with Asset Update user stamp

    Friday 10 August 2018

    Build 206

    • Payments & Receivables Page Added
    • Fixed KPI Alert issue on reverse KPIs
    • User role customization updated
    • Added 'Outstanding' columns in Invoices and Bills
    • Support users hidden
    • Fixed issue with account calculation when all WO are cancelled
    • Adjustments added for Invoices
    • Hidden Message Templates Enabled

    Saturday 4 August 2018

    Build 205

    • Added Field Data Definitions
    • Added Entity Data tab
    • Added Item List for Reports
    • Partial API for Event Calendar for Android App
    • Added Report Name option in Excel Template

    Thursday 26 July 2018

    Build 204

    • Added Query report filter
    • Added WO Status filter of Delay Tracking
    • Added Hyperlink Data Type for WO Data and Asset Fields

    Sunday 22 July 2018

    Build 203

    • Android App list & header customization
    • Bounced email removal function
    • Fixes in Ops/Account synchronization

    Saturday 14 July 2018

    Build 202

    • Search and highlight function for Events & Data in Workflow definition
    • Finance Integration for Jurnal completed
    • Added Number Range filter for Data on Ops page
    • Data Link setting for Finance Accounts
    • Data push from Ops to Finance
    • Fixed issue with Computed Fields with dates
    • Export options changed from CSV to Excel

    Saturday 7 July 2018

    Build 201

    • Added Event/Data completion/non-completion conditions for Event/Data Actions
    • Added user parameter selection for Query Reports
    • Added option for enforcing chronological order on Events
    • Fixed issue with Bills export
    • Fixed issue with Query report column specifications
    • Moved WO Created date filter on Ops page
    • Fixed validation issue with WO duplication & Reset

    Saturday 30 June 2018

    Build 200

    • Accounts for WO level implemented
    • SQL Editor add on Query Report Admin
    • Check for circular links in Assets
    • Upload documents on Finance page
    • Fixed issue with nested computed fields
    • Fixed issue with KPI calculation
    • Added Xero, Quickbooks and Jurnal API integration code

    Friday 22 June 2018

    Build 199

    • Added per 20' and per 40' as options in 'Applies' field of Accounts
    • Added Assets tab in Entity Details
    • Added SelectPDF component
    • Fixed issue in date formatting in CSV Export
    • Fixed issue with unintended date conversion in Excel
    • Fixed issue with Column Specification for Query Reports
    • Fixed issue with emailing PDF attachments

    Tuesday 19 June 2018

    Build 198

    • Mobile API for WO Document list updated
    • Added Finance Integration API - Draft
    • Fixed issue with Asset Attachment in WO
    • Fixed issue with WO Documents Email
    • Increased Remarks Column size in WO
    • Remove active container from Delay Tracking when Entry WO is cancelled
    • Prevent WO from getting abandoned before Start event is populated
    • Option for unique Data field (by workflow or globally)

    Wednesday 13 June 2018

    Build 197

    • Database Connection Timeout added as Application Setting
    • Fixed issue with customer logo on Excel sheet with sheet grouping
    • Added document download on Android Mobile App
    • Added settings for Data Link on Finance Master
    • Event Calendar Page Released (First Draft)

    Sunday 3 June 2018

    Build 196

    • Native support for Amazon S3 Storage
    • On-the-fly compression/decompression for S3 storage
    • Geographical Structure Export
    • Advanced Reports - Search by field code or compute expressions

    Friday 25 May 2018

    Build 195

    • Close/Cancel WO by Event/Data action
    • Column Specifications for Query Reports
    • Deliver Query Reports by FTP or API Post
    • RegEx validation for Data fields
    • Origin/Destination Depots added on Advanced Report Filters
    • Computed Data Fields update on active WO
    • Search for Mobile Number on SMS Outbox
    • Multi-select Data fields
    • Floating 'Save' button on work orders
    • Fixed issue with Date Data field update
    • Fixed issue with number formatting on Excel Export

    Saturday 19 May 2018

    Build 194

    • Added SQL capability for Computed Fields
    • Added Decimal precision for Numeric Data Fields
    • Further customization on KPI Alert Emails
    • Added Auto-complete functionality for Commodities
    • Added Section/Action/Filter tables for User Roles
    • Fixed issue with Shipment Page

    Friday 11 May 2018

    Build 193

    • Computed Data Fields
    • Asset Import / Export functionality
    • Customization of KPI Alert Email
    • Mobile API update for social login
    • Invoice Number & Bill Number added to Accounts page
    • Two-factor Authentication for user login
    • Auto-population of Data fields with asset attachment

    Wednesday 25 April 2018

    Build 192

    • Menu Re-organization
    • Customizable Columns
    • Mobile Social Login API
    • Rename of 'Shipments'
    • Proforma Invoice numbering changed
    • Geographical Location display issue fixed
    • Fixed issue with Origin/Destination Depot bulk upload
    • Fixed Service selection issue for Non-Shipment Workflows

    Saturday 14 April 2018

    Build 191

    • Event/Data Actions Implemented
    • SMS Templates added to Master Tables
    • Export functionality on Accounts

    Monday 9 April 2018

    Build 190

    • Interim Release for Event / Data Actions

    Monday 26 March 2018

    Build 189

    • Added Asset Location API
    • Added "Require Remarks" option on Work Order Event/Data
    • Added "Date" type on Data Definitions
    • Event Calendar re-styled
    • Added Asset fields in Advanced Reports & Forms

    Monday 19 March 2018

    Build 188

    • User Management Redesigned
    • Asset Management Module - First Draft
    • Chat Improved
    • Non-Shipment Workflows introduced

    Saturday 24 February 2018

    Build 187

    • TrakIT Chat
    • Minor fixes and optimizations

    Friday 16 February 2018

    Build 186

    • Added API Keys for public APIs
    • Functions re-named to Departments
    • Language added for Invoice templates
    • Added Exchange Rates for currencies
    • Added common Application Settings for SysAdmins
    • Added 'Last Used' field on Form Definitions
    • Added email restriction setting for internal users
    • Changed email log duration settings
    • Event/Data Details in Workflow re-designed

    Friday 2 February 2018

    Build 185

    • New data tab added while creating work order
    • New external shipment tracking page for client website

    Tuesday 9 January 2018

    Build 184

    • Manifest is now customizable
    • Title for Reports can contain day/month/year/week
    • Header column alignment for Advanced reports