Friday 25 May 2018

Build 195

  • Close/Cancel WO by Event/Data action
  • Column Specifications for Query Reports
  • Deliver Query Reports by FTP or API Post
  • RegEx validation for Data fields
  • Origin/Destination Depots added on Advanced Report Filters
  • Computed Data Fields update on active WO
  • Search for Mobile Number on SMS Outbox
  • Multi-select Data fields
  • Floating 'Save' button on work orders
  • Fixed issue with Date Data field update
  • Fixed issue with number formatting on Excel Export

Saturday 19 May 2018

Build 194

  • Added SQL capability for Computed Fields
  • Added Decimal precision for Numeric Data Fields
  • Further customization on KPI Alert Emails
  • Added Auto-complete functionality for Commodities
  • Added Section/Action/Filter tables for User Roles
  • Fixed issue with Shipment Page

Friday 11 May 2018

Build 193

  • Computed Data Fields
  • Asset Import / Export functionality
  • Customization of KPI Alert Email
  • Mobile API update for social login
  • Invoice Number & Bill Number added to Accounts page
  • Two-factor Authentication for user login
  • Auto-population of Data fields with asset attachment