Saturday 30 November 2013

Build 93

  1. Fixed location assignment email issue.
  2. Fixed bulk-update issue with Seal Number.
  3. Fixed ops page event date filter issue.

Saturday 19 October 2013

Build 92

  1. Added function to refresh KPI values when KPI definition changes.
  2. Added check for duplicate Entity names.
  3. Added new field "All Services" in Custom Reports by Shipment.
  4. Added function to transfer Entites references.
  5. Fixed issue with Work Order Page refresh.
  6. Fixed issue in Corridor Definitions page.

Saturday 21 September 2013

Build 91

  1. Added Shipper/Receiver to Demurrage Notification report.
  2. Implemented feature to create Work Orders by emailing Excel template.
  3. Fixed Entity display issue in Message Broadcast.
  4. Added 'Apply to B/L' option for closing/cancelling & re-opening work orders.

Saturday 31 August 2013

Build 90

  1. Fixed issue with time-zone logging.
  2. Fixed issue with User Management filters.
  3. Added function to generate Forms for all WO in shipment.
  4. Fixed issue with data gaps in Dashboard Trend charts.

Saturday 17 August 2013

Build 89

  1. Fixed issue in Event modification WO count.
  2. Fixed issue in Dashboard KPI filter.
  3. Fixed issue with WO re-open / closing.
  4. Added re-fresh functionality in Ops page Events and Data filters.

Saturday 3 August 2013

Build 88

  1. Fixed issue in Advanced Report Field.
  2. Fixed issue in Documents upload.
  3. Global Search function for WO Data fields.
  4. Added KPI Status Filter to Dashboard.
  5. Added affected WO count on Event/Data definition edit.

Friday 19 July 2013

Build 87

  1. Fixed issues in New WO page.
  2. Optimization of grids (in progress).
  3. Fixed issue with event deletion.
  4. Fixed issue in Corridor Header Edit.
  5. Commenced User Language Localization.
  6. Added 'Sort By' option to Advanced Report subscriptions.
  7. Added 'Lock Status' filter to User Management page.

Saturday 29 June 2013

Build 86

  1. Fixed issue Master Tables - Funtions.
  2. Added Comments & Editing to Country Holidays table.
  3. Fixed issue in Advanced Report filters.
  4. Added "Allow Non-list Items" option in Corridor Data Definitions.
  5. Optimization of grids (in progress).
  6. Main menu fixed at top.

Saturday 22 June 2013

Build 85

  1. Fixed issue in Email Document Upload.
  2. Optimization of grids (in progress).
  3. Fixed issue with Advanced Reports Date filter.
  4. Message Broadcast page re-designed.
  5. Home Page re-designed.
  6. IE 7 depreciation notification added.
  7. Implemented Excel Attachments for Demurrage Notifications.
  8. Implemented client side storage library.

Friday 7 June 2013

Build 84

  1. Fixed issue in Dashboard Status filter.
  2. Converted User Stats charts to JS charts.
  3. Added 'Event Update Delay' report.
  4. Locking of idle users to happen once a day only.
  5. Fixed issue with non-standard event dates.
  6. Fixed issue with Data bulk-upload.
  7. Optimization of grids (in progress).

Saturday 25 May 2013

Build 83

  1. Added 'Corridors Accessible' field to User Details.
  2. 'Corridor Type' field added to Custom & Advanced Reports
  3. Fixed issue & optimized filters in Dashboard.
  4. Added 'Created On' filter to Advanced Reports.
  5. Fixed Corridor Form Trigger code issue.
  6. Fixed Default Data value issue.
  7. Fixed issue with Form Time Zone.
  8. Added Actuals/Estimates to Custom & Advanced Reports.
  9. Added custom message for Custom & Advanced Reports.
  10. Dropped Mobile device support.
  11. Dashboard graphs changed from Flash to JS.
  12. Dashboard KPI graphs include target line.
  13. Fixed issue with Custom Reports Fields.
  14. KPIs can have non-standard weekend days.
  15. Re-designed Ops Export page.

Sunday 12 May 2013

Build 82

  1. Deferred loading of Forms tab in Work Order page.
  2. Removed App Setting "Mandatory Event Sequence".
  3. Action Log Page Load entries made friendly.
  4. Added client-side basic validation to UI.
  5. Added decimal to Average Days column in User Engagement Report.
  6. Added Demurrage Email Notifications for users.
  7. WO Weight field is now non-mandatory.
  8. Added Default Zone to Corridor.
  9. Added Time Zone for Advanced Report Subscriptions.
  10. Added Event/Data options in Custom & Advanced Reports.
  11. Modified User account creation email.
  12. Geographic Location Assignment/Removal email.

Saturday 4 May 2013

Build 81

  1. Fixed issue in DQ Report drill-down.
  2. Work Order Data set to multi-line capability.
  3. Corridor Clone functionality removed.
  4. Method signatures for SQL Transactions changed.
  5. Added customizable filters for Dashboard.
  6. Added 'Responsible Country' field to Corridor.
  7. Added 'Responsible Country' filter to Operations & Dashboard.
  8. Added 'Responsible Country' field to Custom & Advanced Reports.
  9. Fixed Bulk Update issue with Excel Cell errors.
  10. Re-designed Corridor Header edit functionality.
  11. Ignore Event sequence setting in Corridor Definition.

Saturday 20 April 2013

Build 80

  1. Fixed event time issue for bulk upload.
  2. Implemented remote SQL commands.
  3. Fixed issue with missing events in Email Notifications.
  4. Access Denied page re-designed.
  5. Added geographic location search function.
  6. Added Subscription Title and Email search to Advanced reports.
  7. Removed 'Total Free Days' field from Work Order Header.
  8. Fixed blank header row issue with Bulk Update.
  9. Fixed browser CRLF issue.
  10. Added 'All Services' field to B/L based reports.
  11. Fixed file permission issue with older documents.
  12. Removed grouping from Excel exports of KPI, Active WO and DQ reports.
  13. Added WO Status filter to DQ report.
  14. Re-designed Finance page at B/L level.
  15. Query Parametrization (Various classes).
  16. Fixed <Void> display issue in Advanced Reports.
  17. Fixed Dashboard Service filter issue.
  18. Fixed Corridor deletion issue due to Form History.
  19. Slab Rates limit changed to USD 999.
  20. Added VAT to Shipment Financials.

Saturday 30 March 2013

Build 79

  1. Added 'Update Delay' column to DQ Report events table.
  2. Added Entity Group filter to Dashboard.
  3. Fixed Read-only access issues.
  4. Fixed issue with Customer Status update.
  5. CSS & UI re-design.
  6. Added background check for closing work orders.
  7. Added 'Created By' and 'Created On' fields to Custom/Advanced reports.
  8. Query Parametrization.
  9. Fixed duplicate report issue on non-UTC servers.
  10. Container Type field added to New Work Order page.
  11. Renamed Custom/Advanced report files to be unique.
  12. Added Earliest/Latest event to 'By Shipment' Custom/Advanced reports.
  13. Added 'Remarks Only' option to Custom/Advanced reports.
  14. Added Days/Hours KPI option to Custom/Advanced Reports.
  15. added for IE 7,8 CSS support.

Thursday 14 March 2013

Build 78

  1. Fixed Cancelled WO re-opening bug.
  2. Added Corridor specific Abandoned Days setting.
  3. Fixed issue in Container Tracking Export.
  4. Added Copy Demurrage Definitions functionality.
  5. Added Corridor Definitions filters.

Saturday 9 March 2013

Build 77

  1. Added Shipment Type filter to the Dashboard.
  2. Added Services filter to the Dashboard.
  3. Added WO Remarks change to Audit log.
  4. Fixed issue with bulk import.
  5. Added check for active containers in the same corridor.
  6. Added checkbox options in Edit work order page.
  7. Optimizations in News & Dashboard page.
  8. Allow Exit WO and Exit Date to be editable in Container Tracking.
  9. Added Ops-Export SysAdmin email notification and limit.
  10. Change Container number in Tracking list when number is changed in the Entry WO.
  11. Redesign of Corridor Free Days into Demurrage Definition.
  12. Shipment Type added to Demurrage definitions.
  13. Multiple Custom SQL filters can be added to Advanced Report filters.

Saturday 23 February 2013

Build 76

  1. Item list for Work Order Data.
  2. Fixed EntityClass.Update issue.
  3. Fixed Bulk Update identity issue.
  4. Changed Active WO Report to Open KPI Report.
  5. Removed validation for one primary service only.
  6. BOL Field changed from 20 characters to 40.
  7. Fixed overflow issue with email logging.
  8. Deletion of Events/Data of closed work orders.

Thursday 7 February 2013

Build 75

  1. Fixed Ops search overflow issue.
  2. Fixed ContList Container size issue.
  3. Added 'Report Loading' message for reports.
  4. Fixed issue with Event/Data removal.
  5. Added monthly option for Advanced reports.
  6. Added Entity Group filter to Ops page.

Saturday 2 February 2013

Build 74

  1. Fixed issue with Demurrage Calculation.
  2. Exclude locked Admins from Support page.
  3. Fixed WO Reset function in Admin page.
  4. Added demurrage rate slabs for Corridor Free Days and Container Tracking.
  5. Fixed issue with Carrier Free Days container size setting.
  6. Added 'All Services' field to Custom & Advanced Reports.
  7. Fixed issue with addition/removal of events as per services.
  8. Fixed issue with Advanced Reports KPI export.
  9. Removed Page Hit statistics.
  10. WO Data statistics added to Data Quality Report.
  11. Entity Group table added to Master Tables.
  12. Entity Group field added to Entities.
  13. 'Shipper/Receiver' & 'Contractual Customer' Group fields added to Custom & Advanced Reports.
  14. Entity Group filter added to Advanced Reports.
  15. Entity Management re-designed with Entity Group filter.
  16. Responsible Person field added to Ops Export.
  17. Added internal option to de-activate entities.

Saturday 19 January 2013

Build 73

  1. Fixed issue with Door Delivery export field.
  2. Prevent de-selection of Origin/Destination flag in Geography.
  3. Added Orange colour for Events.
  4. Added Exit WO to Container Tracking Export.
  5. Advanced reports now includes closed work orders created up to 3 months ago.
  6. Added refresh buttons to Primary Services and KPI filters on Ops page.
  7. Fixed issue with Corridor Free days selection.
  8. Fixed issue with Free days calculation.
  9. Added Demurrage Rate to Carrier Free Days allowance.
  10. Added Demurrage Rate and Total Demurrage to Container Tracking.
  11. Open KPIs Filter fixed to exclude KPIs that are not started.
  12. Added 'Work Order Created On' option in Event filter in Ops page.
  13. Changed functionality of 'From' and 'To' boxes in Event filter in Ops page.

Friday 4 January 2013

Build 72

  1. Added Email notifications for abandoned work orders.
  2. Fixed issue in KPI Performance Report.
  3. Added Month Created and Year Created added to Ops export and custom reports.