Friday 23 June 2023

Build 328

  • Company field added to Broadcast Messages
  • Entity Document Status and Expiry fields added
  • Added search function for list-based data fields
  • Added company assignment of data fields
  • Added Validations and Actions for Form Generation
  • Updating icons in progress

Friday 2 June 2023

Build 327

  • External Remarks added to Bills
  • Reject/Restore option added to Bills
  • Depot Select Type added to Workflow setting
  • Comments possible after item is finalised
  • Depot List page redesigned with Depot selection
  • Disallow duplicate accounts on quotation
  • Limit Entity access based on user's company
  • Added filter for Added By - 'Internal/External' on Bills page
  • Allow Vendors to upload Bills directly
  • Added 'Submitted' status for Bills