Saturday 9 March 2013

Build 77

  1. Added Shipment Type filter to the Dashboard.
  2. Added Services filter to the Dashboard.
  3. Added WO Remarks change to Audit log.
  4. Fixed issue with bulk import.
  5. Added check for active containers in the same corridor.
  6. Added checkbox options in Edit work order page.
  7. Optimizations in News & Dashboard page.
  8. Allow Exit WO and Exit Date to be editable in Container Tracking.
  9. Added Ops-Export SysAdmin email notification and limit.
  10. Change Container number in Tracking list when number is changed in the Entry WO.
  11. Redesign of Corridor Free Days into Demurrage Definition.
  12. Shipment Type added to Demurrage definitions.
  13. Multiple Custom SQL filters can be added to Advanced Report filters.