Saturday 20 April 2013

Build 80

  1. Fixed event time issue for bulk upload.
  2. Implemented remote SQL commands.
  3. Fixed issue with missing events in Email Notifications.
  4. Access Denied page re-designed.
  5. Added geographic location search function.
  6. Added Subscription Title and Email search to Advanced reports.
  7. Removed 'Total Free Days' field from Work Order Header.
  8. Fixed blank header row issue with Bulk Update.
  9. Fixed browser CRLF issue.
  10. Added 'All Services' field to B/L based reports.
  11. Fixed file permission issue with older documents.
  12. Removed grouping from Excel exports of KPI, Active WO and DQ reports.
  13. Added WO Status filter to DQ report.
  14. Re-designed Finance page at B/L level.
  15. Query Parametrization (Various classes).
  16. Fixed <Void> display issue in Advanced Reports.
  17. Fixed Dashboard Service filter issue.
  18. Fixed Corridor deletion issue due to Form History.
  19. Slab Rates limit changed to USD 999.
  20. Added VAT to Shipment Financials.