Sunday 29 June 2014

Build 100

  1. Amended default date filter for advanced reports to 6 months.
  2. Carrier is now optional for work orders.
  3. Modified WO B/L popup.
  4. Added Booking Number to WO page.
  5. Global Search modified to include active work orders only.
  6. Added Type Code and Container Length (computed) fields to Work Orders.
  7. Replaced "--No Carrier--" entity with null and removed "--No Carrier--" entity.
  8. Added ISO Container Types table and populated it.
  9. Updated Container Type Codes based on current size and old type.
  10. Removed Container Size and Container Type fields from the Work Order table.
  11. Replaced all field codes for Container Type & Size for Custom and Advanced reports.
  12. Added popup and web services for selecting Container Type codes to New WO page and Edit WO page.
  13. Removed Container Type field from Demurrage definitions.
  14. Update Container Tracking Entry/Exit procedures to exclude Container Types.
  15. Rebuild WO based SQL views.
  16. Added 'Booking Number' field to WO Header.
  17. Replaced Container Size fields in all Form template definitions.
  18. Fixed issue with Ops CSV Export option.
  19. Shipment Type field is now non-mandatory.
  20. Update New WO creation Excel template.
  21. Removed defunct field "TotalDays" from WO table and associated views.