Thursday 25 December 2014

Build 109

  1. Moved primary shipment field to separate table.>
  2. Fixed issue with Advanced Report Subscription duplication.
  3. Added Audit log entries for shipment ID changes or transfers.
  4. Updates to DB schema and views for shipment ID table.
  5. WO Comments linked to shipment ID.
  6. Added non-modal self-closing notifications.
  7. CSS Optimizations.
  8. Several Class optimizations.
  9. Master Tables page re-designed.
  10. Corridor Definitions page re-designed.

Saturday 29 November 2014

Build 108

  1. Fixed issue with Entity Details page.
  2. Remove for IE 8 enhancements as it was causing issues.
  3. Added warning for locking of inactive user accounts.
  4. Fixed issue with Entity validation.

Saturday 11 October 2014

Build 107

  1. Added Custom SQL fields for Advanced Reports
  2. Fluid width functionality implemented.
  3. User Stats graphs issue fixed.
  4. Removed 'Invert' selection for multi-select lists.
  5. New Work Orders page changed to fluid width.
  6. IE 7 conditional CSS removed.
  7. Support functionality moved to System menu.
  8. Fixed lazy-loading issue with Entity Details page.
  9. Form HTML Editor re-designed to fluid width.
  10. All buttons changed to CSS gradients.

Wednesday 17 September 2014

Build 106

  1. Added flag to corridor to prevent document deletion.
  2. Fixed issue with Form History.
  3. Dashboard charts re-designed.
  4. CSS optimization.
  5. Fixed User Admin Export function.

Saturday 30 August 2014

Build 105

  1. Added functionality to auto-close WO after being abandoned for x days.
  2. Added WO Creation Notification functionality.
  3. Fixed issue with new Custom Report creation.
  4. Added Ace Code Editor to edit form HTML definitions.

Friday 15 August 2014

Build 104

  1. Added SortBy, Separator & Alignment properties in Advanced Report Fields.
  2. Added Data/Changed Highlight property for Advanced Reports.
  3. Fixed issue with Dashboard KPI Chart titles.
  4. Added DataLite Class to handle Data report fields.
  5. Fixed issue with Entity Export.
  6. Fixed double-click issue with iFrame popups.
  7. Added copy function for Weight and Container Type in New WO creation.
  8. Optimized Custom/Advanced Report UI.
  9. Converted window popups to iFrame popups.
  10. Disabled Corridor Finance functionality.

Friday 25 July 2014

Build 103

  1. Replaced AutoCompleteExtenders on various selections.
  2. Added WO Close by email functionality.
  3. Fixed issue with Corrdor Services change.
  4. Fillable form fields are now displayed in yellow.
  5. Added JobsEnabled property on web.config.

Sunday 20 July 2014

Build 102

  1. Added Container Type Short field to Custom & Advanced Reports.
  2. Fixed issue with User Engagement report.
  3. Implemented JS iFrame popup functionality.
  4. Corridor definition page to use iFrames.
  5. Implemented Workflow Notification functionality (Added view SEQINST).
  6. Advanced Report Filters & Entity Editing to use iFrame.
  7. Implemented jQuery Chosen plugin for user selection in Workflow & Document Upload notifications.
  8. Changed AutoCompleteExtender to jQuery based autocomplete.

Tuesday 1 July 2014

Build 101

  1. Fixed issue with Excel WO creation template.
  2. Added Sent Mail content to Sent Mail page.
  3. Added Container Type for each container when creating new work orders.

Sunday 29 June 2014

Build 100

  1. Amended default date filter for advanced reports to 6 months.
  2. Carrier is now optional for work orders.
  3. Modified WO B/L popup.
  4. Added Booking Number to WO page.
  5. Global Search modified to include active work orders only.
  6. Added Type Code and Container Length (computed) fields to Work Orders.
  7. Replaced "--No Carrier--" entity with null and removed "--No Carrier--" entity.
  8. Added ISO Container Types table and populated it.
  9. Updated Container Type Codes based on current size and old type.
  10. Removed Container Size and Container Type fields from the Work Order table.
  11. Replaced all field codes for Container Type & Size for Custom and Advanced reports.
  12. Added popup and web services for selecting Container Type codes to New WO page and Edit WO page.
  13. Removed Container Type field from Demurrage definitions.
  14. Update Container Tracking Entry/Exit procedures to exclude Container Types.
  15. Rebuild WO based SQL views.
  16. Added 'Booking Number' field to WO Header.
  17. Replaced Container Size fields in all Form template definitions.
  18. Fixed issue with Ops CSV Export option.
  19. Shipment Type field is now non-mandatory.
  20. Update New WO creation Excel template.
  21. Removed defunct field "TotalDays" from WO table and associated views.

Friday 30 May 2014

Build 99

  1. Added Email ID to POP Inbox page.
  2. Added Booking Number to Work Orders.
  3. Optimization in Event/Data queries.
  4. Fixed issue with News & Message Broadcast.
  5. Fixed issue with Global Search.
  6. Return consolidated values in case of NA and TBA for reports by shipment.
  7. Fixed issue with Event/Data export in Corridor definitions.

Friday 9 May 2014

Build 98

  1. Fixed issue with Shipper/Receiver bulk update.
  2. Fixed B/L number validation.
  3. Fixed Event grid issue in Work Order page.
  4. Fixed CSV issue in new work order creation.
  5. Added external users in User Management.
  6. Added linking of external users to entities.
  7. Re-designed User Details page.

Thursday 20 March 2014

Build 97

  1. POP3 class optimization.
  2. Fixed issue in User Log.
  3. Added 'Email' field in Request Access form.
  4. Added 'Comments' module in work order.
  5. Fixed issues in Advanced Reports.
  6. Fixed PDF issues on new server.
  7. Fixed event update by B/L issue.

Friday 7 March 2014

Build 96

  1. Added Event/Data update by B/L.
  2. Added option to export Corridor definitions.
  3. Fixed User Management export.
  4. Added MS-Excel export in Admin page.
  5. Trucated Admin page export to 500 rows.
  6. Added Free Days, Actual Days & Demurrage fields to Custom and Advanced reports.
  7. Added "Event Completed Count" field option in Custom/Advanced Reports by B/L.
  8. Added Entity ID column to the Entity Management page.

Saturday 1 February 2014

Build 95

  1. Added Form Corridor link information to Master Tables > Form Definitions.
  2. Header field Responsible Person is now updateable by bulk update.
  3. Fixed minor KPI calculation error.
  4. Added Advanced Report name and subscription title to email subject.
  5. Fixed issue in Ops page Data filter.
  6. Added "WO Count" to Entity table in Entity Management.
  7. Fixed issue with internal timer for scheduled jobs.
  8. Added "Last Gen" column to Advanced Report Subscriptions.
  9. Added "Generation Time" filter to Advanced Reports.

Saturday 18 January 2014

Build 94

  1. Added new Interactive report - Demurrage Statistics.
  2. Added new Interactive report - Shipment Status.
  3. Fixed email issue in new customer creation.
  4. Fixed Google Maps issue in Geography & Access.
  5. Fixed WO Export cache issue.
  6. Removed Ops page Corridor filter multi/single selection option.
  7. Update "Remarks for Shipper/Receiver" by bulk update.
  8. Fixed issue in Event/Data filter on Ops page.
  9. Re-designed Ops page filters.
  10. Fixed issue with Document transfer function.
  11. SQL optimization with WOLight View