Sunday 27 May 2012

Build 51

  1. Work Orders added to Entity Details page.
  2. 'Number of copies' introduced in Duplicate WO functionality.
  3. Work Order documents moved to the file system.
  4. Fixed issues for div scroll positions.
  5. Copy Corridor KPIs issue fixed.
  6. User Management page - filters introduced.
  7. Advanced Reports - KPI Fields issue fixed.
  8. Event/Data Email Notifications added.
  9. Exclude KPIs from Reports functionality added.

Sunday 20 May 2012

Build 50

  1. Added 'First WO ID' to B/L View in Operations page.
  2. Added functionality to select/deselect containers from forms.
  3. Implemented Alert View/Snooze functionality in Operations page.
  4. Added 'Default Text' for Corridor Data.
  5. Re-design of Operations page filters.
  6. Work Order Close/Cancel/Re-open Logic.
  7. Abandoned Work Order flashing icon removed.
  8. Hierarchical Access for selected geographic location.
  9. Re-design of KPI Performance Report.
  10. WO Status added to Work Order page.
  11. Consolidated Daily Alert Emails.
  12. Work Orders added to Entity Details page.

Sunday 13 May 2012

Build 49

  1. Added colour support in Corridor Data.
  2. Changed Agent fields in New Work Order page to autocomplete.
  3. Depot Location can be set via Google Maps.
  4. Fixed Footer issue in Forms.
  5. Missing Events/Data filter added to Operations page.
  6. User Office included in search on User Management page.
  7. Paging added for Master KPI table.

Thursday 10 May 2012

Build 48

  1. Added support for Excel templates in Custom Reports.
  2. Master KPIs now controlled by SysAdmins.
  3. Added attachment and deletion options to Corridor Forms.
  4. Added support for location based news and distribution emails.
  5. Added checkbox for setting Contractual Customer same as Shipper/Receiver.
  6. Permission for duplication of Work Order given to Operations users.
  7. Default flags for new events changed.

Sunday 6 May 2012

Build 47

  1. Added From/To dates and Final column for KPIs and KPI Report.
  2. Fixed issue in Master tables.
  3. Added Target, In Range, Out of Range columns to KPI Report.
  4. Added 'Apply to B/L' checkbox to Snooze function.

Wednesday 2 May 2012

Build 46

  1. Minor re-designing in Work Order page (Finance).
  2. Office filter and Excel export functionality added to User Engagement Report.
  3. Estimates & Actual expenses added to Custom Reports.
  4. Corridor Estimates DB schema changed.
  5. Added 'Apply to B/L' to Corridor Estimates.