Friday 19 April 2024

Build 343

  • Bill Number update to include Unicode
  • Reverse Approval of Job added as action under Role Management
  • Limited Bulk Updates to 10,000 cells or 10,000 rows, whichever comes first.
  • Create Job from Quotation
  • Allow revising quotation without incrementing revision number
  • Allow attachment of supporting documents when sending quotation
  • Workflow Data available in Quotation
  • Initialization of Estimates when creating a job from a quotation
  • Bulk update of Base and Alternate Currency Amounts

Wednesday 3 April 2024

Build 342

  • Finance Master Data Link removed
  • Active field added on Event/Data actions
  • Event/Data filters on Ops and Finance page redesigned
  • Added Checklist items on Workflow Documents page
  • Added Export function on Workflow Documents page
  • Validations & Actions moved to SysAdmin pages
  • Entity Fields and WO Count added to Quotations
  • Upload documents by T/D number
  • Assets made linkable by Asset Type
  • Rev/Exp & Job Creation filter added to Accounts page
  • Added 'Disabled' flag on Workflow Checklist documents
  • Added Transporter and Return Transporter on Create Shipment
  • Added default option for entity type to be job or WO level
  • Added Notifications on WO T/D, Workflow or Service change