Friday 23 November 2012

Build 69

  1. Fixed Interative Report WO drill-down Excel export.
  2. Fixed issues in Form generation.
  3. Added functionality to upload documents by email.
  4. Added functionality to upload email content by email.
  5. Fixed number formatting issue in Forms.
  6. Added 'Report an Issue' functionality.

Saturday 10 November 2012

Build 68

  1. Web service query optimizations.
  2. Fixed issue in Service Info window.
  3. Container Tracking Active count.
  4. Container Tracking filters added.
  5. Container Tracking columns re-organized.
  6. Export functionality for Container Tracking.
  7. Excluded in-active corridors from corridor lists.
  8. Fixed issues in Interactive Reports Excel exports.
  9. Fixed issue with WO Reset.
  10. Fixed issue with new event/data creation.
  11. Fixed issue with event validation.